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13 Tips for Young Writers / Day Nine: Review With Others

by Dr. K. Mark Hilliard

Day 9: Review With Others

After your child has read and re-read his or her work multiple times, encourage him or her to get a few other people to read it and help make needed changes to make the story better. As well as people like teachers, parents, tutors, family members, and friends—and fellow authors if you know any—definitely have people review the story who are the type of reader expected to read the book after it is published. If it is written for 4th graders, have some 4th graders read it. If it is for girls, have several girls read it.

Talking to the kind of reader the work is for will help your young writer make the work just right for the audience.


Action Item

If your child has a poem or book or part of a book written, ask him or her what kind of reader the work is for. Does your writer know someone in that category who can read and give comments?