The Hilliard Institute

The Hilliard Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation offering sensory education programing, experiential learning, and academic research and publishing while also supporting philanthropic initiatives through fundraising and educational training and activities—all under the umbrella of the concept of Educational Wellness

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Founded on February 14, 2014, Hilliard Press, a division of The Hilliard Institute, is a small academic publishing company exploring and sharing the art of the written and illustrated word. Our four founding authors—Jack Hilliard, Dr. K. Mark Hilliard, Jessa R. Sexton, and Dr. David Woodfine—have each served in the educational field. With these years of scholastic service to others, our authors have developed a devout admiration of the writing craft, through which they are able to further their personal research studies and share their experiences and learning with others.

Dr. Hilliard previously founded O'More Publishing in 2002; Sexton joined the work in 2006. Through this company, the two produced over 50 books and worked with more than 40 authors and illustrators. Hilliard and Sexton bring this training with them to Hilliard Press, named in memory of Jack and Lola Hilliard, long-time educators and Dr. Hilliard's parents.

Hilliard Press produces educational writings ranging from a British-American etiquette and cookbook guide to wellness texts to devotionals to children’s books.

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