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The authors of our educational texts have each served in the educational field. With these years of scholastic service to others, our authors have developed a devout admiration of the writing craft, through which they are able to further their personal research studies and share their experiences and learning with others. Unless otherwise noted, click on the book image for purchase. 

Advance Your Image: Putting Your Best Foot Forward Never Goes Out of Style 2nd Edition

By Lori Bumgarner

with illustrations by Anastasia Morozova

ISBN 978-0-9846244-2-3

 With Advance Your Image: Putting Your Best Foot Forward Never Goes Out of Style, you’ll learn how to develop every aspect of your image including your look, your online presence, your networking skills, your interviewing skills, and more! Advance Your Image is perfect for recording artists seeking a label deal, job seekers, first-time entrepreneurs, and all wanting to enhance their image for their personal and professional success.

“It is clear from Advance Your Image that Lori is divinely inspired and on a mission to propel people forward with poise and self-confidence and to bring the beauty within each person out in the best possible light. As a career adviser to college students turned possible consultant musicians and others, Lori has an excellent take on the big picture for how personal image plays into career development planning.” Steve Puckett, Career Tips blog

 “I totally endorse this book. Any up-and-coming artist should get a copy now! Lori knows her stuff!”

Mark Alan Thompson, President, ATP Records

The Catcher of Dreams: A Holistic Approach to Wellness Therapy
By Dr. K. Mark Hilliard
ISBN 0-9717444-0-8


retail $15.00

Inspired by his year of working with the Eastern Band of the Cherokee, Dr. Mark Hilliard interweaves his own faith with the rich spiritual understandings and rituals of the Cherokee and Lakota to create this discussion of holistic health and wellness. The book begins with a self-assessment questionnaire, followed by sections on spiritual health, mental health, and physical health as it covers many topics: relationships, stress management, time and money management, belief systems, diet and nutrition, exercise, spirituality, movement therapy, healing, emotions, risk management, and more.


The Crow's Enchanted Dance: The Phenomenology of Sacred Place and Sacred Space

By Dr. K. Mark Hilliard                                                                                              with photojournalist Emily Mae Bergeron

ISBN 978-0996696296

Dr. Hilliard has devoted his academic life, as a professor of wellness, behavioral science, human performance, and higher education, to examining the concepts of spirituality, sacred place, and sacred space both intellectually and experientially. He has analyzed hundreds of books on these topics, interviewed an abundance of those who have witnessed their phenomena, and visited countless sacred sites in the United States, England, Ireland, and France, including a period of time living on the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indian Reservation.

In this text, he shares words derived from his personal journals. Pondering reflections of what he has learned along his journey. One of his significant findings is that research into sacred place and sacred space most
often occurs in the plural sense of sacred places and sacred spaces. Yet, until we understand the singular aspect of a sacred place and a sacred space, we cannot begin to comprehend their plural form.

His purpose in putting his thoughts and experiences about sacred place and sacred space into print is to assist fellow explorers in opening their conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds, as well as their spiritual, meta-physical, and meta-cognitive pathways toward experiencing the sacred enchantment that lies within sacred place and space. He has determined we make this journey into enchantment by entering a state of being he refers to as in-spirit. Within these pages, he shares how to begin and maintain this quest.

Educational Wellness: A Sensory Approach to Teaching and Learning 2nd Edition

By Dr. K. Mark Hilliard and Professor Jessa R. Sexton

ISBN 978-0980028546

Educational Wellness and the Hilliard Circle of Teaching and Learning theory encourage rigorous instruction in a sensory-rich atmosphere conducive to active retention of academic content. Hilliard and Sexton explore sound theory then accompany their research with a veritable “menu” of examples and suggestions for implementation refreshingly applicable to secondary and higher education classrooms. Immensely readable, this book brims with practical suggestions for teaching across the spectrum of intelligences which can often be a daunting task for already overworked teachers in overcrowded classrooms.

Lori Napier

Facilitating Teacher, Maury County Teaching Center

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From Kitchen to High Table: British-American Edition
by Dr. David Woodfine
High Steward, Oxford University

Chancellor, The Hilliard Institute for Educational Wellness
ISBN 978-0-9846244-6-1

This is a redesign of the original edition of Mr. Woodfine’s book. Now included are new chapters on English Cocktails and Dining Etiquette, multiple illustrations and photographs, and American conversions for the various recipes. The book is a wonderful guide for an American host or hostess to create an authentic, formal English dinner party.

Global Competency: A Guide to Global and Cultural Training for Students, Teachers, Leaders, Businesses, and World Explorers

By Anastasia Morozova and Dr. K. Mark Hilliard

ISBN 978-0996696272

The purpose for this guidebook is to provide practical training for individuals wishing to become more globally competent, whether their reasons of interest are to create new intercultural relationships; to prepare for an upcoming trip, perhaps a holiday or vacation to a new country or culture; to offer academic or business training for students, teachers, employees, or leaders; to prepare personally for a new job; or to plan for a new training experience within a current job that will require interaction with, or work within, another country or culture. In this book the reader will find research from a literature review gathered from over two hundred and fifty publications and on-line resources written on the subject of Global Competency, including a study undertaken at the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford. The reader will also be introduced to a collection of personal cultural narratives provided by our international friends who are globally active and knowledgeable-CrossCultural Practicing Professionals-sharing their culture and personal experiences from their homelands or places of intense interactive research and involvement.


Little Stories of Enchantment: Twelve Fairy Tale Sonnets for Little Children

By Jessa R. Sexton

Illustrated by Rehanna Mae Grant

ISBN 978-0996696258

When we are young, we live for fairy tales: stories of princes and princesses, witches and ogres, magic and love. Growing older should never mean growing duller. Fairy tales offer life lessons, but, perhaps more importantly, these stories are a call for readers to open themselves up to a chance at enchantment. In this book, twelve popular tales are brought to a new life as poet Jessa R. Sexton condenses them each into sonnet form and illustrator Rehanna Mae Grant captures the characters in a fantastic portrait style.

This version of the book is intended for all ages and carries full text versions of the classic fairy tales, by Grimm, Andersen, Wilde, and more, as well as the sonnet versions by Sexton. Also included are mini-essays about each fairy tale. A brief sonnet lesson appears in the back of the text. This book is a great teaching and learning tool for students, teachers, or anyone who loves stories.