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13 Tips for Young Writers / Day Eight: Re-Read

by Dr. K. Mark Hilliard


Day 8: Re-Read

Today you are going to talk to your young writer about how he or she should re-read the work after writing. You can use some of the wording below:

Review your story. Re-read your story over and over and over. It’s okay to change your sentences from how they first started. Make every sentence great. Make every word great.

If you’re reading your story out-loud and a sentence doesn’t read smoothly, or if you get stuck on a word as you’re reading your story aloud, other people will have the same problem. You probably need to change the sentence or the word.

Reviewing your book personally is also a time to correct common mistakes you might see with grammar and punctuation. Ask yourself how you worded things. (Did you say what you meant to say?) Ask yourself if your facts are correct. Ask yourself if your sentences and paragraphs go well together.

Action Item

Most computers have thesauruses, but I suggest you buy a cheap one for your writer. This wonderful tool gives you a lot of different words to choose from. I sometimes just sit down and read pages in my thesaurus.