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Nova and June Catch the Moon

by Hannah Chaney

Jessa R. Sexton’s latest book is Nova and June Catch the Moon, a stunning new children’s book geared towards young girls who have bold and gusty personalities. The imagery of these two female friends on a journey to catch the moon compares to the wild-fire, faith, and free-spirit kids have—their belief that they can achieve anything. Catching the moon eludes to the simple fact that—together—nothing is impossible if we keep enduring and continue believing in our dream.

Jessa explains, “My new book was written and inspired by two introverted moms with very extroverted, spunky daughters. I'm one of those moms. I’ve spent so many conversations talking to the other mom about how we can make sure our daughters use their spunk and spice for the right things, because we both know that this strong attitude can help them overcome obstacles and fight for the good in the future! Nova and June Catch the Moon was kindled by that hope in our parenting and that faith in our daughters.”

Sexton released the book in May at a signing in the Coffee House at Second and Bridge in Downtown Franklin, Tennessee. The next weekend she was at a book signing at Daylight Donuts in Spring Hill.

Nova and June try to catch the moon

on a late-night, star-bright adventure.

With nets in their hands, they go over their plans,

for this fab, nab-grab joint venture.

And so begins the story of two girls who set out to do the impossible . . . but, you see—things aren’t so impossible when we work together. Because together, girls can do anything!

This hardcover makes a delightful present for the little lady in your life—or the best girlfriends who’ve always had your back. That’s right. This isn’t just for kids. It’s a perfect gift for your girl-squad. Say thanks to the ladies who helped you catch your own moon and live out your dreams by signing the dedication page to them! Or, if you want, Jessa can even email the gift book straight to your friend with a little card. You just let her know when you purchase it! And one more thing: currently all proceeds from this book go to empowering women through educational efforts.

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