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J. Allan Smith's Children's Book

Tiger the Mule, written by J. Allan Smith from Middle Tennessee, is the latest release by Hilliard Press. This new children's book is full of beautiful colored illustrations and a weighty message that all ages can glean from.

Released at this April at the Mule Day festivities in Columbia, Tennessee, the book is based on a true story. Smith’s experience with troubled teens in public education, his work with rescued mules on the family farm, and his faithfulness to our awesome God has led him to share this road of recovery tale of Tiger the Mule. The story not only speaks to how one should properly treat these hybrid equine, but shares lessons we all can use to help young people who face difficulties in life.

The back of the book explains: One cold, wet, windy day in the rolling green pastures of Tennessee, a baby mule is born. With a unique stripe pattern on his legs, he’s named “Tiger.” Sadly, at only six months old, Tiger is taken away from his mother and brought to a new farm with a new master, who is cruel and abusive. When later sold to the kind Mr. Smith, Tiger is initially distrustful. Can Mr. Smith’s patient love heal the wounds Tiger’s past? Grab a copy to find out!

Click on the cover to purchase from Amazon.

Click on the cover to purchase from Amazon.