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13 Tips for Young Writers / Day Eleven: Commit to Complete

by Dr. K. Mark Hilliard


Day 11: Commit to Complete

In the early days of writing, encourage your young writers to commit to completing their stories, even if they feel like the stories aren’t that great. Help them see the process all the way through in order to develop their skill in all parts of creating, writing, and completing a story. Otherwise they will likely move from one story to the next and never complete any of them.

Action Item

If your young writers get stuck, they can take a little break to do something else creative, but help them finish their stories. You can make a goal chart with dates to finish parts of the story. This will help them see how to make goals in other areas of life too. They can write down two dates: one they want to finish on and the second a week or so later as the backup finish date. Writers sometimes need a little extra time, so that second date isn’t a failure, it’s knowing writing is a challenge, and it’s okay to need a bit more time.