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Hilliard Press's Latest Publication

The Hilliard Institute is proud to announce our latest publication—SUP: Spiritual Understanding and Prayer on a Stand Up Paddleboard by Lori Bumgarner.

Lori Bumgarner began stand up paddling (SUP) in the early summer of 2014 at a time when she was questioning where her business and career were headed. What started out as a hobby became an opportunity for spiritual and personal growth. For Lori, paddling provided a quiet place away from her day-to-day environment to truly hear from God as she was constantly reminded of His Word each time she was out on the water. Her thoughts lead her to beginning a new blog, a way to share some of the lessons she learned in these times of reflection.

“The idea to turn some of my SUP blog entries into a devotional book came at the encouragement of my publisher, Hilliard Press,” Bumgarner explains. “Hilliard Press published my first book, the Amazon #1 bestselling book Advance Your Image, and wanted a second book from me. As an answer to their request, I originally thought about doing an instructional book on how to discover your passions and find work you love, but the Holy Spirit led me in a different direction.”

Lori soon realized that the book sales would offer the perfect fundraising for her first mission trip. This summer, she’ll be heading to Brazil with her church. “We’ll be traveling down the Amazon River on a small boat and sleeping in hammocks while making stops at small communities along the river helping with everything from construction and home visits to ministry at local churches.” Proceeds from this book will go to Justice and Mercy Amazon. Your purchase will not only result in a delightful new devotional for yourself (or a gift for a friend), but it will also make a difference in the lives of others.

author Lori Bumgarner and her SUP

author Lori Bumgarner and her SUP

Even if you aren’t into stand up paddleboarding, this book still has valuable insights to offer. Lori shares, “While your interest may be something totally different from my love of SUP, I pray that, as you read this devotional book, you’ll be able to see God’s Word reflected in your own passions and pursuits. Don’t just listen to Him when you’re reading your Bible and praying, but also when you’re working and playing. He’s still speaking even then.”

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Click on the book cover image at the top of this article to purchase. Click here to share a tax-deductible donation directly to Lori’s mission trip.