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The Hilliard Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation offering sensory education programing, experiential learning, and academic research and publishing while also supporting philanthropic initiatives through fundraising and educational training and activities—all under the umbrella of the concept of Educational Wellness

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Dr. K. Mark Hilliard

* VIce Chancellor and President, The Hilliard Institute

* Visiting Fellow, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford

* Director-General, The Oxford Centre for the Study of Law and Public Policy


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Dr. Mark Hilliard received his bachelor’s degree from Freed-Hardeman University in Community Health:  School Health, Environmental Health, and Public Health Education; his M.S. from Middle Tennessee State University in Community, School, and Public Health and Wellness Education; and his Doctor of Arts Degree from Middle Tennessee State University with major study in Human Performance,  Behavioral Science, and Physical Education. His doctoral emphasis was higher education (teaching and learning styles and methodologies and educational administration), and his doctoral specialization was wellness education and administration. He completed his dissertation and has conducted extensive research into the unique learning styles of Native Americans, specifically the Eastern Band of the Cherokee, and he oversees a yearly cultural study course on the Cherokee Reservation, conducts wellness education workshops on the Reservation, and is a minister for a Cherokee Missions Church on the Reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina.

Dr. Hilliard currently serves as Vice Chancellor, President, and Professor of Education for The Hilliard Institute for Educational Wellness and is the Director-General of the Oxford Centre for the Study of Law and Public Policy: both are non-profit corporations specializing in education and philanthropy. In 2013 he retired from O’More College of Design where he served for fourteen years as the President and CEO.  He also oversaw all the major development and fundraising activities for the College. Previous to that appointment, he served as the Provost, Executive Vice President, Academic Dean, and as a Full-Professor of behavioral science and education. In 2010 he was appointed a Distinguished Professor. He also was head of the President’s Society of Fellows and Scholars at O’More; director of the Hilliard Institute for Educational Wellness (which he first founded at O'More); the founder of the Townsend Institute for Global Competency; founder of the Passport to the World Global Initiative for Sister Cities International in Franklin, Tennessee; founder of the O’More Cultural Field College and Grand Tour Education through Travel Program; founder of the Conservatoire d’ O’More—which included an image conservatory, a wellness conservatory, an art conservatory, and the spiritual light theatre; founder of the Social Alliance—a variety of university social clubs; Founder of the O’More Research Academy; and founder of O’More Publishing.

He is currently a Visiting Fellow and member of the Summer Research Institute at Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford (2007-2014) and a former member of The Oxford Roundtable, Jesus College, University of Oxford (2006). Professor Hilliard is a published author of five books on wellness, spirituality, marriage and family relationships, and sensory education and experience; Hilliard is working on his sixth book, Sacred Places—Sacred Space, which includes extensive travel research in Ireland and in-house research with the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford. This book will be published through Hilliard Press, founded by Hilliard and Sexton. 

Previous experiences include being an adjunct professor for Middle Tennessee State University and Columbia State College; the Medical Affairs Director for the Tennessee Division of the American Cancer Society, where he oversaw the Medical Education and Patient Services Department for the state of Tennessee as well as a summer camp for children with cancer; a member of the board of directors for the Tennessee Board of Health and the National Cancer Institute; and a professor for the New Staff Academy—National Office of the American Cancer Society. He also served with the United States Department of Interior as a wildlife biologist with the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife. He and his wife have served as foster parents for twenty-six children. They currently reside in Franklin, Tennessee. They have two grown children of their own, both educators, and five grandchildren–future educators. 


Dr. David Woodfine

* Chancellor, The Hilliard Institute

* High Steward, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford


Dr. David Woodfine is a man of tremendous experiences and emotion—and, in his own words, he has loved each encounter  

 In his early career, David trained and served as a chef and catering manager. He also served his country, spending eleven years with the Territorial Army (Britain’s Reserve Land Forces) as a Regular Reserve. He then became a teacher for the Business and Technology Education Council (B.T.E.C.) for the Oxford City and Guilds and for the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, Training Chefs for famous restaurants around the globe.

To widen his experience, David left his home in England for a while and was employed as a butler at various places throughout Europe. In this role he served highly respected dignitaries and was fortunate to have tea with Kings and Queens. On returning to England, David became the butler to Sir Anthony and Lady Bamford.

 David would later become the butler to His Grace The Duke of Marlborough at Blenheim Palace, which most of us know as the birthplace of Winston Churchill.

 In his role as butler, David often looked after royalty including His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales  (Prince Charles) and Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales (Princess Diana), as well as multiple European Heads of State. Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret was always a favourite guest of David’s at Blenheim, as was the actress Joan Collins.

 More recently, David was appointed as the High Steward of Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford. He served at Harris Manchester for twelve years in a professional role as a counselor and mentor to his students, a teacher, and an overseer of multiple aspects of the University hospitality program.  David has a passion for hosting weddings and other grand events, one of the most notable being the wedding of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber.

 Upon his retirement from Harris Manchester in 2011, David became the Master of the Oxford City Guild of Chefs. In this role, David oversees the organization of multiple Oxford University grand affairs with Oxford’s top chefs.

Dr. Woodfine has three publications with Hilliard Press: a second edition of his cookbook, From Kitchen to High Table: The British-American Edition; ABCs of Etiquette for Young People; and Join Me for Afternoon Tea.   


Jessa R. Sexton, M.Ed.

* Pro-Vice Chancellor and VIce President, The Hilliard Institute

* Visiting Fellow, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford

* Executive Editor and Writer, Hilliard Press

At Harding University, Jessa R. Sexton received a bachelor of arts in English with teacher licensure and a Masters of Education with an emphasis in English. During her time at Harding, she performed with the Pied Pipers, an improvisational children’s theatre troupe that toured schools and churches throughout sections of America and made a trip to England. This group made teaching an entertaining and relatable endeavor, a goal Sexton sets for herself in the classroom.

 Her teaching experiences include student teaching seventh grade language arts and a permanent substitute position for six months in ninth grade English. As a graduate assistant in Harding’s Writing Lab, Sexton tutored students from a variety of language and ethnic backgrounds; she defines this as some of the best training she received in refining her ability to teach writing skills. She has also worked closely with Upward Bound, a government-funded educational resource for high school students who qualify by being low-income or possible first generation college students, through teaching courses on composition, literature, ACT preparation, and supplemental English during the school year and the UB Summer Academy program.

 At O’More College of Design, Sexton was a professor of Literature, Composition I and II, Art of the Written Word, Fundamentals of Speech, Research and Documentation, and Educational Wellness. She served as Executive Editor of O’More Publishing and Associate Director of the Hilliard Institute. She also oversaw the College’s Research Academy and Townsend Institute, a global competency and cultural travel education program, and assisted with O’More’s monthly Social Alliance activities and fundraising events. Sexton studied at Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford as a Research Assistant to Dr. Mark Hilliard in June 2007. In 2010, she became a member of the President’s Society of Fellows and Scholars.

Professor Sexton’s publications include Saturday, a children’s book on the importance of family togetherness; Educational Wellness, a book on the wholistic approach to the art and science of teaching and learning (co-authored); Proverbs through the Generations, a devotional on the applications of the Proverbs to family life (co-authored); Hear and be Heard, a communications text; Rose-Pie, a children’s book about the relationship between a father and daughter; Eldy and Ohi, a children’s book about two children who learn that being different isn’t such a bad thing when you have someone who likes you as you are; and With Your Fresh Thoughts, a book of poetry for all ages that teaches how to write twelve popular poem forms.  

 Sexton conducted workshops and in-services on sensory teaching and learning to graduate-level students at Harding University, college educators at UT Selmer, MTSU, and the Tennessee P-16 Council.

 Today Professor Sexton serves as the Pro-Vice Chancellor and Vice President of The Hilliard Institute and oversees Hilliard Press, specializing in the art of the written and illustrated word.


Rosemary Hilliard

* Vice President and Editor, The Hilliard Institute


Rosemary Hilliard worked for the Tennessee Children's Home’s West TN and Spring Hill campuses in various roles over eighteen years of service to this ministry. In addition to serving as a foster parent, a houseparent, and a relief houseparent, she worked in the educational and development departments. As a teacher's aide in the Spring Hill on-campus school, she assisted students with their assignments, in particular English and history, and helped with classroom management.  As the Assistant to the Director of Development for ten years, working with then Director of Development, Tom Carr, Rosemary wrote and edited quarterly newsletters, informational materials, copy for fundraising appeals, and a monthly acknowledgment letter for donors. Through these writings, she shared with others important information about the successes and needs of the children in the care of Tennessee Children’s Home. She also oversaw the database used to manage donor information and record gifts made to the children’s home.

 After her time at the children’s home, Rosemary began editing and copywriting part time. In later years, when Tom Carr began his work with IHCF: African Christian Hospitals, she volunteered her services to Carr's mission work, writing and editing for him once again. During this time, she also offered editing services contractually to O'More Publishing over an eight year span, including her work with Civil War historian Eric Jacobson on the press's number one seller, For Cause and For Country, and with various O'More professors and students on their articles about the art and design of education in four volumes of the Abbey Leix Anthology.  In past years, she had two articles published in Christian Woman Magazine and one article in Image Magazine.

 During and after her children’s middle and high school years, Rosemary was a strong supporter of the music education program in Spring Hill, TN.  She chaperoned multiple educational trips with students to cultural and historical sites, and to several colleges for music workshops, festivals, and symposiums.

Rosemary attended Freed-Hardeman University in 1975-76, Columbia State Community College in 1993-94, and a cultural travel class to Ireland through O’More College of Design in June 2006. While at Tennessee Children’s Home, 1983-2001, she participated in educational workshops and seminars on foster parenting, newsletter writing, fundraising techniques, working with donors, and database management. She has worked with the Townsend Center of Global Competency in relationship building in Ireland and Oxford, England, 2004 to present. 

Presently Rosemary serves as the Vice-President and Editor of The Hilliard Institute. 

Anastasia Morozova

Illustrator, The Hilliard Press

Anastasia Morozova moved to Tennessee from Moldova, a small eastern European country, in 2008. With no prior ability to speak the English language, she attended the International English Institute in Nashville. She quickly picked up English; in six months she was at college level.

Anastasia received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from O’More College of Design in 2012. For her senior collection, she won O’More Fashion Show Look Book Award. Through her college education Anastasia painted, drew, and illustrated artworks to help support her college experience. Her painting of the campus’s feature building, the Abbey Leix Mansion, became a key piece in marketing and décor for the college. She was the sole illustrator of the college press’s children’s book Rose-Pie and paNASH Style owner’s second edition of Advance Your Image: Putting Your Best Foot Forward Never Goes Out of Style and has provided illustrations for two other children’s books as well: With Your Fresh Thoughts and Live the Blessing.

During her time at O’More College of Design, Anastasia was active in two organizations, graduating as a member of the esteemed President’s Society of Fellows and Scholars and receiving her certificate for completion of the Townsend Institute for Global Competency. While in this program, she traveled to Boston, Massachusetts, and Cherokee, North Carolina.

After graduating O’More, she had opportunity to work as an in house designer and stylist side by side with Christiev Alphin, a well-known Nashville stylist. At EverythingVisual and LoveEverybody she assisted the creative director with photo and video shoots, co-designed and created custom pieces for music artists Ross Holmes of Mumford and Sons, Big Kenny of Big & Rich, Miranda Lambert, People Magazine, Keifer Thompson of Thompson Station, Kristyn and Keith Getty, North 40, and Randy Houser among many others; oversaw day-to-day production and directed interns; and designed and managed multiple creative projects for local retail boutiques.

Currently Morozova studies at Belmont University to acquire her M.Ed. with a focus in Learning Organizational Change and Leadership. Through this program, she is writing a thesis on global competency that will be published by Hilliard Press. Because of her diverse knowledge and talents, she has been selected to intern with the non-profit The Hilliard Institute during her last semester of graduate studies. During this internship, she will collaborate with Dr. David Woodfine, retired Blenheim Palace butler and University of Oxford, Harris-Manchester College, High Steward, to coordinate British-culture events and speaking engagements and to illustrate one of his latest books.

She is also presently developing her own small business. Her passion for fashion design and the environment is brewing into a clothing and accessories company named Bittu. In close collaboration with her brother Dennis, Anastasia’s vision for Bittu is to recycle clothes to maintain the ingrained and aged character with a modern retrofit.


Whitnee Clinard

Creative Director, The Hilliard Institute 

Whitnee Clinard began designing books for Dr. Hilliard and Professor Sexton in 2009. She was the lead designer at O'More Publishing for two years before her graduation in 2011, directing the graphic design of books and marketing material and training her student successors. 

During her time at O’More College of Design, Whitnee was active in two organizations, graduating as a member of the esteemed President’s Society of Fellows and Scholars and receiving her certificate for completion of the Townsend Institute for Global Competency. While in this program, she traveled to Boston, Massachusetts.

Clinard joined The Hilliard Institute in its formation in 2014. She keeps busy in various fields of design including her full-time job at ProfitStars and her own business: Called Creative. Whitnee, husband Jerry, son Hayden, and their two dogs live in Nashville, Tennessee.  


Alex Beene

Marketing Research Advisor (Official Officer), Hilliard Press 

Alex Beene is a marketing research advisor for Hilliard Press. He has been featured on ABC, CBS, ESPN Radio, and an array of print publications for authoring his first children’s book, Lessons from a Southern Mother, released by Hilliard Press in 2014. His columns have appeared in the Pulitzer Prize-winning Clarion Ledger,, and other prominent media outlets.  A constant traveler, he has ventured to over 20 countries and has books in five different languages. His philanthropy and work in education have been recognized by the Jackson Sun, which listed him as one of the top 40 under 40 leaders in West Tennessee.

Rehanna Mae Grant

Illustrator, Hilliard Press

Rehanna Mae Grant is a fashion designer and artist from Greenbrier, Tennessee. While a student at O’More College of Design in Franklin, Tennessee, her junior line was selected to be photographed by the O’More Research Academy, of which she became a member. During her membership, she was specifically chosen to work on a fashion line called Jack and Lola. She graduated in 2014 with her BFA. Her illustrations are published in Join Me for Afternoon Tea, ABCs of Etiquette for Young People, and Live the Blessing, and Stories of Enchantment. She currently teaches fashion illustration at Belmont University.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 7.12.16 PM.png

Emily Mae Bergeron

Photojournalist, The Hilliard Institute and Moloney-O'Brien Publishing

Emily Mae Bergeron is a Tennessee-based photographer. She enjoys traveling and being in nature. In her travels, she has shot throughout Ireland, France, Italy, and the United States with many more destinations on her bucket list.
When asked about being the photojournalist for The Crow’s Enchanted Dance, Emily readily agreed. The book is an apt project for Emily, who explains, “I strive to tell a story through my photos. I want those who view my work to feel that they are transported and immersed in what they see.  I enjoy capturing the beauty of a moment for others to experience." 

You can see more of Emily's work on her website. 


Mattea Gernentz

Editing Intern, Hilliard Press

Mattea Gernentz is a sophomore at Wheaton College, currently pursuing a double-major in English Literature and Psychology. She has possessed an ardent love for the written word since a very young age and is happiest residing among towering stacks of novels and scribbled bits of poetry. Her poetry has previously been published in A Celebration of Poets, and, in addition, she has earned the merits of “excellent” and “superior” for several poems submitted to ACSI at a regional level. While she immensely enjoys composing original content, Mattea also enjoys bringing order to the manuscripts of others and finds great joy in editing.


Katherine Russell

Editing Intern, Hilliard Press

Katherine Russell is a freshman at Trevecca in Nashville, Tennessee, studying English. She plans on being a professional editor upon graduation. When she isn’t studying or in class, Katherine spends her time shaping her dance talents at ballet lessons, practice, and recitals.


Bella Comer

Illustrating Intern, Hilliard Press

Bella Comer savors making art, listening to music, laughing, watching movies, and taking walks with friends. Her artistic loves include animation, illustrating, photography, and one of her muses: the moon. To show God’s love through her life, to be an encouragement to those around her: these are the goals of Bella’s heart. From a very young age, she’s loved working with her hands and just being crafty, and she prays she can glorify God with her art.


Mary Virginia Johnson

Intern, Hilliard Press

Aspiring designer Mary Virginia Johnson loves photography, interior design, and art. She’s working her internship with Hilliard Press by offering those skills as well as her talents in organization and event planning.